• ASAP is Community

    ASAP is Community

    Creating environments that support healthy life decisions
  • ASAP is Prevention

    ASAP is Prevention

    Increasing protective factors and reducing risk factors
  • ASAP is Collaboration

    ASAP is Collaboration

    Strengthening partnerships and community resources
  • ASAP is Awareness

    ASAP is Awareness

    Promoting community awareness of healthy life decisions
  • ASAP is Healthy Choices

    ASAP is Healthy Choices

    Developing youth and young adult leadership

Vision Statement:

“United for a Healthy Community”

Mission Statement:

To build and strengthen the capacity of our community to promote healthy life decisions.


We exist to support our communities to value youth and young adults and create environments that encourage healthy life decisions.

Common Questions

Does prevention even work?

Research says “YES.” Effective prevention programs can and do exist. The money spent up front can even be much cheaper than paying for the effects of substance use and other social problems down the road. Learn more at Why Prevention Matters?

How do you do it?

We have a group of concerned people, called a Coalition. Our coalition meets on a monthly basis to discuss current issues in the community and brainstorm ways we can all work together to create a healthy community. Go to What is a Coalition? If you’d like to learn more.

How can I learn more about the issues?

Teens and young adults today face different issues than their parents did back in the day. Things are changing constantly, and the impacts of COVID are barely beginning to be understood. Go to our Learn page to find out more about some of the issues and what can be done.

Are there resources that can help me?

Yes, Rapid City has a lot of fantastic Local Resources to help us all become a healthier community. Additionally, we have compiled a list of other great National Resources that might help.

Does ASAP do any projects of their own?

Yes, ASAP is directly involved with a number of specific prevention projects, mostly targeting college-aged young adults. Click What We Do on the menu above to see a list of current projects and learn more about each one.

How can I get in touch with ASAP?

If you are interested in joining the coalition’s efforts, getting your questions answered, or having someone come speak to your group, we’re happy to help! Go to our Contact page to see all of the ways to reach us.